my news trading strategy

 news trading strategy

I got the idea of a beautiful to you its experience 3 times and succeeded
a special strategy for trading on the newsIt is used on the euro-dollar 
is on some news that drives the currency strongly is that the intervention
before the issuance of the news Bdeghiguetan
or three two contracts buying and selling
of the euro dollar Stop 20 points per decade and
the goal of an open and time of the issuance
 of the news will move the currency in any direction
and you’ll find a contract hit Stop and the other is
still profit and then you close the deal after
the issuance of the news with a minute or
 to put Stop on the point of entry and pursuing
profit providing stop lose more advanced 20 points currency
I hope that you discuss this idea until we get to the form of her
good luck

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